Kabbalah of Excellence and Abundance
with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Sunday, June 29 @ 5-8:00pm in New York City

Universal Kabbalah shows us an effective way of unlocking the secret of our excellence, which is hidden in our brain, cerebrum, grey matter and medulla. Our excellence is based upon our capacity to cause our intuitive intelligence to give us the automatic protection that is needed in this Age. By changing the velocity of our neural network we exceed our limitations. We are potentially all things. The degree to which we are able to express our personality is the degree to which we are able to realize our Divine nature; the infinite wealth of possibilities hidden in the depth of our Spirit.

Experience this very rare opportunity to spend an evening receiving the Great Wisdom of the Ages from a True Spiritual Master. This special evening class will nourish your mind, body and soul and invoke the presence of the Divine in your life. Join us for this transformational class with our beloved teacher and let us discover the pure joy and inspiration that comes from connecting with the Spirit of Life within us.

Registration Price:

Date: Sunday, June 29 @ 5-8:00pm in New York City

Location: Naam Yoga Upper West Side, 141 W 72 Street, New York, NY 10023

This event is sold-out.

*Special Price for Naam Yoga Teacher Training Students.
Please call 1 (888) 852-2100 to register


Please bring any form of ID and emailed receipt with you to the event.
Have a question? Contact our team at 1 (888) 852-2100 or by email.


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