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Shakti Naam Spring Equinox Celebration 2013

with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

March 23 in New York City | $50 Pre-Registered, $75 day of event 

This is the very first Spring Equinox of the New Age, and as such, it is a uniquely special time. It is a time to leave behind all that that has been, and let the past be the past and work with the healing energy of Sun to embrace the future for all that it is and all that it can be. On March 23rd, as the Sun bathes the Universe in a healing glow and Spring dances in seen and unseen splendor, it is amply clear that once you are with Naam, everything's possible.

Let's work with the power of Universal Kabbalah and Naam in order for you to fill each cell of your being with the soothing and healing vibrations of this Spring Equinox as the Moon waxes, so that you may be attuned to the heavens, and attract as much blessings as you need, as you breathe the refined light of the new prana that the Sun brings with the Spring. The Spring Equinox Naam Yoga Celebration is designed to work with the forces of the Sun so as to revitalize our entire Being. Accelerating and aligning the meridians and spiritual centers, it brings a new level of heightened awareness to all those in attendance. This work is designed to bless Mother Earth herself. Naam Yoga is based on a deep knowledge of the laws of energy, radiance, frequency and the correlation between sound and movement. Through us, the Earth opens her healing gates, her points of power, to give of her own energies, as the Light of the Sun is transmitted to her through our mantric prayers. By working with Naam Yoga we are balancing and honoring our expression of life on all levels; we become the vessel between Heaven and Earth, Nature and the Cosmos.

Naam Yoga is suitable for all ages. It creates balance and harmony on all levels of our being, opening us to a greater awareness of our infinite potential. Naam yoga combines Naam, movement and tones to create healing and miraculous effects on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It allows you to work with the healing and rejuvenating forces of the Sun that illuminate and enliven the entire Universe. Spring is the best time to use the science of Naam Yoga with its harmony of movement to tap into the great surplus of energy, that the Sun is pouring onto the Earth, in order to organize, harmonize, coordinate and redirect our inner forces toward self-healing and harmony. Join us as we come together in the Spirit of Love, with our beloved teacher, to heal, bless and bring peace into the world on this mighty day.

Time: Saturday, March 23, 7:00-9:00pm

Price: $50 Pre-registered Online / $75 at the door

Location: The Subud Chelsea Center, 230 West 29th Street, btw 7th and 8th Ave

Online registration is now closed. Please register on-site.


Please bring any form of ID and emailed receipt with you to the event.
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