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Universal Kabbalah Seminar in Prague

with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (View in Czech)

March 25 in Prague, Czech Republic | $190 per person

The heart is the true center of Light, and it is in this Light that we find the key to self-knowledge and self-understanding. These illuminating teachings form the foundation that allows you to excel in and transform your life, your relationships, your life's work and the very core of your being. Every time we take part in the very special opportunity to immerse in and receive the deep, inner wisdom of Universal Kabbalah we raise not only our own consciousness but the collective consciousness of the planet, and in so doing spread this Light far and wide. Join us in Prague for an illuminating seminar and let us come together in the Spirit of Love, with our beloved teacher, to learn, heal, bless ourselves and our loved ones and uplift the planet.

Time: March 25, 7PM

Price: $190 Pre-registered online

Location: NAAM PRAHA, Lucemburská 3, Praha 3






Please bring any form of ID and emailed receipt with you to the event.
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