The Medicine of the Higher World

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,


The highest symbol of immense power ever known in the entire spiritual kingdom, is used in the transcendental healing system of Harmonyum. All symbols of the gnosis, all figures of spirituality, all Kabbalistic keys of prophecy are resumed in this particular symbol. It is not only the sign of absolute and universal synthesis, but also, it is used in the Magnum Opus. We use this sacred and potent symbol in Harmonyum, so that the Eternal Creator and Preserver of all Beings, may grant humankind, the Healing, Liberation and the Return to the Initial Pleroma, by integrating them into the bosom of the Archetype.

     As we approach the realm of love, the realm of peace, the realm of light, the realm of wisdom, and the realm of God who is the source of light, the Harmonyum healing system will prove highly instrumental in as
sisting man to return to his original state of perfect communion with the Creator. We have within ourselves the power to experience permanent healing, perfect ourselves and, in time, to undergo complete regeneration. However, this transfiguration must take place in the innermost self, in the deepest ways we think, feel, and act each moment of each day. As human beings, it is vital to know that we can only fulfill our divine nature through an open heart. Receiving Harmonyum and practicing Naam will open your heart center faster than any other spiritual or scientific technology available today. Harmonyum is a spiritual injection of light into the entire nervous system that causes the human mind to recalibrate itself. This life-giving, transformational healing system has the capacity to renew the human cells to the vigor of youth, while balancing the healthy functioning of your body and mind. Where there is Harmonyum, you cannot find stress. Harmonyum allows you to analyze your own nature and rid yourself of the imperfections found therein, so as to recognize your uniqueness without losing sight of balance and truth. Then, you become your truest self. When you no longer attempt to be someone or something you're not, peace is yours. Moreover, the internal peace you experience will be externally reflected. It makes you calm, at peace, and happy. It will enhance your inner radiance and cause your entire human potential to unfold like a beautiful flower.


     Harmonyum provides the practical means whereby the spiritual forces that underlie the universe and permeate the entire nature of man can be utilized to create a new and healthy body by eradicating the weaknesses that inhabit the original body. This method directly works with the laws of the universe to initiate the force of reconstruction as it occurs in nature. Harmonyum creates mental illumination, emotional clarity and the true understanding of the heart that surpasses the intellect. This divine healing system born from Universal Kabbalah, works with the imperishable, immortal spiritual substance of an individual to propagate healing order within the perishable body. It heals with the principles of wisdom, truth and love by awakening and enlivening the inactive soul and restoring life to that which has become deadened in our bodies, minds and hearts. This can only be accomplished through the spirit of light, through He who is the wisdom and love and light of the world, and who will become your spirit and your light one day. He was the combination of all the specialized perfections of the divine agents, of the ancient alliance, into one. He bestowed the touch of perfect unity that opened a new door and destroyed the number of the slavery of humanity. Harmonyum awakens the divine healing flame in the heart. Those in whom this holy flame has been reanimated truly live a blessed existence filled with love, peace and light. We become unhappy and diseased when we live with a dark veil over our eyes which cuts us off from the knowledge of higher truths. Our hearts then suffer within the bonds of earthly, corporeal matter to which we are resigned, creating even stronger bonds with our animal, physical desires, as opposed to the healing pleasures of the higher spiritual worlds. Human beings can experience permanent healing and happiness only when the veil which obstructs divine light falls from their eyes. This divine healing system works via the astral body to heal difficulties in the earthly realm by cutting through the veil of darkness just as an invincible conqueror slaughters the enemy. When you are enslaved by the seven negative karmic influences in your life, you cannot enjoy a moment of peace. Their insinuating, noxious presence will eat you alive. When you receive Harmonyum, you gain the power to cope realistically with life and are receptive to positive thoughts and actions that help you to live righteously so that time and space can serve you and improve your life. This process will help you gain access to experiences and potential life lessons of many previous lifetimes.


     Harmonyum is truly a great and highly beneficial healing system for our time, which heals by the way of the greater light that leads us, the children of the heart, to enlightenment. The benefits of this transcendental healing system are unlimited, as it allows us to receive help and guidance from the spiritual realm of light; therefore, our capacity for healing becomes equally unlimited. Harmonyum increases the tide of pranic flow of the body, raises your energetic vibration and strengthens your energy so as to wash away dirt and negativity that have accumulated within you. When your energy is strong, it is difficult for any negative force to gain entrance. In truth, negativity cannot remain in the presence of high vibrations. This healing system steadies the nerves so that nothing can bother you or deter you from your higher goals. It makes the mind clear and decisive, helping you to create your destiny rather than succumbing to your fate. Harmonyum brings calmness, relaxation, increased concentration and heightened vitality, causing the etheric energy to flow more freely in your body. As a result, you start attracting other people around you. You become a center of light. Learn and work with this transcendental healing system so that it may lead you to a state of ecstasy, taking you within yourself so that you may consciously experience your own inner beauty. Harmonyum takes you to the higher realm of glory, so that you may experience and heal through the light of the soul. It will make your days bright and full of light.

In Love, Peace and Light

The Rootlight Team



Harmonyum Training and Certification

with Joseph Michael Levry


     Join us at the Universal Force Healing Center in New York City for a powerful three day Harmonyum training and certification weekend. Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing and diagnosis, understanding the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gaining true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. This healing application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom is an art and science that is for the infinite capacity of the heart. Harmonyum activates the seed atom of the soul with the the Divine and Heavenly Fire so that its static condition can be transformed into one of kinetic activity, leading man to the transformation, rebirth and complete regeneration. Harmonyum works through the One in us. Through purity of heart, practitioners of Harmonyum are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of Divine Love in the body. During the weekend you'll have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and group meditation.


Harmonyum I & II Training Weekend
March 10 - 12, 2006

(by reservation only)


Harmonyum III Training Weekend
To be announced.


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