Healing Through the Astral Body

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

There is an invisible, healing, spiritual force that surrounds, penetrates and binds all things in both the seen and unseen worlds. This omni-present, omni-powerful, omniscient and omni-scientific force directs the flow of life and is concentrated within the bones of all men and women. Permanent cure can be achieved through the correct use of this force. The Harmonyum Healing System effectively employs this energy in the service of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Harmonyum, then, works with the cosmic laws governing the human body and nervous system. In so doing, Harmonyum allows the individual to become more receptive to the flow of divine love, healing and grace, whose very nature is to heal and renew.

Serra Retreat, Malibu, CA - Location of Upcoming Training Course     During a Harmonyum treatment, the enormous force of which we speak is directed through the spine. The spine is an important focal point, as it is the main channel for this healing energy. Moreover, the spine is a heavenly magnet, whose north pole is found at the divine glands and whose south pole is found in the coccyx. With Harmonyum, the molecules of the spine – our divine magnet – are turned in the same, healing direction thereby properly magnetizing the astral spine. Understand, when the astral spine is not properly magnetized, the spiritual molecules move chaotically, creating a platform for mental, emotional and physical disease. By realigning them through Harmonyum, the spiritual molecules are re-adjusted toward the north-south polarity of the spine, and upward toward the divine glands. Harmonyum, then, directs divine love upwards from the heart center, through the spine, to the brain. In this way, Harmonyum neutralizes our negative karmic influences, while it simultaneously purifies and opens the heart, and revitalizes and enlivens the nervous system.

     The purifying fire of Harmonyum will open your heart and surround you with the most beautiful light to such an extent that your life becomes an expression of strength, serenity and health. All your fears and doubts will melt away into a healing flow of divine love that quietly radiates from your being, making you bright and beautiful like the sun. When you receive Harmonyum healing, the beneficial aspects of all cosmic, planetary and zodiacal influences enter into your life to bless you with light, healing and grace. As your consciousness awakens and expands, the energies, talents and gifts that lie dormant within you begin to grow and manifest.

     Harmonyum strengthens the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys and bowels by increasing the blood supply to the spinal area. As a result, the accumulated toxins, including cholesterol deposits, are effectively washed away, and the proper functioning of all organs is enhanced. This causes chronic ailments and incurable diseases to dissipate. Indeed, a Harmonyum treatment positively affects the body’s entire psycho-physiological mechanism, while enlightening and enlivening on both the physical and spiritual planes. It takes care of the blood, the glandular, nervous and respiratory systems, thereby nourishing the brain cells. Harmonyum allows us to create and maintain a beautiful and healthy vessel.

     Harmonyum gently and intuitively attunes our senses so that we may become aware of the beneficial rhythms of the universe and stimulate and develop our spiritual body. It is the ultimate healing technique for those who are ready to open their hearts. As a harmonious manifestation of the Divine in the Universe, Harmonyum links the recipient with the creative, constructive and organizing forces of Nature. During a Harmonyum session, Divine energy flows through the body, mind and heart, transforming and preparing us for this Age of the glory of Self.

     This transcendental healing system creates a platform for divine love and healing to act and bring life, power, joy and beauty to the human soul. Consistent exposure to this powerful healing technique will free you from mental and emotional weakness so that you are able to develop an illuminated mind, a pure heart and a powerful will.

     Harmonyum is a non-invasive, spiritual treatment that heals and opens the heart by purifying it from all suffering, pain and negative energies. Harmonyum allows the spiritual Sun to rise in your heart. In turn, your spirit is illuminated by the light of God. This Light shines forth from the Sun that lies behind our visible Sun, where the supreme Intelligence reigns at the summit of the firmament, above the realms of physical creation. When the gates of the heart are opened by Harmonyum, the essence of God and Divine Love can be experienced, and the good angels can wash away your impurities. With consistent treatments, true healing is possible. As your heart opens and you become healthy, you can then heal and open the hearts of others. Above all, Harmonyum will direct you to the Heart of God so that you may receive the Divine rays of the Light of Immortality.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team


Harmonyum Healing Training and Certification

with Joseph Michael Levry


     Join us for a powerful three-day Harmonyum training weekend in Malibu, California. Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing and diagnosis, understanding the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gaining true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. This healing application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom is an art and science that is for the infinite capacity of the heart. Harmonyum activates the seed atom of the soul with the Divine and Heavenly Fire so that its static condition can be transformed into one of kinetic activity, leading man to the transformation, rebirth and complete regeneration. Harmonyum works through the One in us. Through purity of heart, practitioners of Harmonyum are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of Divine Love in the body. During this special weekend intensive you'll have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and group meditation in a beautiful natural setting.


Harmonyum Levels I/II Training in California

Friday, July 20 - Sunday, July 22 / Malibu, CA


     Located at the Beautiful Serra Retreat Center, 3401 Serra Road, PO Box 127, Malibu, CA 90265. You may take a virtual tour of the grounds, facility and optional lodging rooms at http://www.serraretreat.com. It is surrounded by 360 degrees of canyon and ocean view and is peacefully nestled among green gardens, fountains, a labyrinth, view points and fresh air. Modest lodging is available on sight on a first come first serve basis. We anticipate this to be a popular option so please let us know if you would like for us to reserve space for you.

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