Story of a Miracle

     Not so long ago a 17 year old boy from outside of the United States was in a major car accident and experienced severe trauma to the brain. Doctors and surgeons concluded that the boy, who was alive but in a coma, would most likely never recover and remain in a vegetative state for the remainder of his life. His family was devastated. One of the extended family members had been exposed to the Rootlight CD series and recommended the Lumen de Lumine CD to the boy's family, to have played in his hospital room. Applying prayer and faith the family decided to play Lumen de Lumine in the young boy's room and in less than two weeks, not only did he come out of his comatose state but he was speaking and eating. This was nothing short of a miracle and the doctors/surgeons were completely surprised and baffled by the boy's miraculous recovery. So moved by this, the boy's surgeon asked permission of the boy and his family to bring him to the terminal patient ward of the hospital as an example of faith in action, to give hope to those without hope, and to show that miracles do happen. The Light of Lumen de Lumine is indisputable, constant, vast, miraculous, and very powerful. It works. Where there is light, coupled with faith, hope and love, there is no way miracles cannot happen. Lumen de Lumine is truly the most divine tool for accessing the Light in the purest most profound way for healing - for miracles.  


Lumen de Lumine and the Light of Miracles
from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

The mantra Lumen de Lumine is an extremely powerful living manifestation of the Adamic Star. It is the archetype of man; the First-Born in the world who developed and manifested all divine virtues and applied all divine laws. Lumen de Lumine is the Way, the Truth and the Life. As the Way, it is the Word; the movement of the spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of Nature. As the Life, it is the harmonious organization of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul. As the Truth, it is the manifestation of the One God who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings.


     Lumen de Lumine links human souls sunken in matter to God by merging the seeds of the Spirit. As the heavenly force of the Word made flesh, it is the shortest path to knowledge of God and liberation. All the healing energies of the natural world are contained within Lumen de Lumine. Lumen de Lumine is the heavenly energy that brings life, light and freedom to all souls; that uplifts and awakens all souls in divine love. With Lumen de Lumine comes the solution to all difficulties. Lumen de Lumine removes all darkness from the heart and mind. It removes the confusion that paralyzes and the false teachings that mislead. When you drink living water from the heavenly spring by vibrating Lumen de Lumine, you refresh and revitalize your heart and mind forever. Humanity is united within the physical aspect of Lumen de Lumine. All the angels of God are united in the heart of Lumen de Lumine. All divine beings are united in the divine aspect of Lumen de Lumine. Vibrate Lumen de Lumine, and Love, Wisdom and Truth will dwell within you as the Star of Great Light protects and heals you.

     Lumen De Lumine creates a connection between your heart and the higher world. This form of communion is like a sweet, spiritual wine; it is a communion of the soul with the realms of light. Lumen de Lumine is a creative act of Divine Nature that distinguishes the temporary from the eternal. It represents the Light that is the first awakening in Living Nature when Nature passed from the limitless condition to the limited condition. Light is a succession of vibrations that include the seven colors, from red to violet, within which ordinary man perceives Light. However, ordinary light is a reflection of other types of energies, and behind these energies is intelligence. Everything in Living Nature - all minerals, plants, animals and man - is a manifestation of Light.

     Lumen de Lumine represents the light that is the most powerful factor in Nature's creative work. Lumen de Lumine translates as Light from Light. Deum de Deo translates as God from God, whose Spirit is the bearer of complete Light. Lumen de Lumine also refers to the light that has many degrees of manifestation. There are three main kinds of light. Physical light, spiritual light and Divine light. The light we perceive in the physical world differs from the light that shines in the spiritual world, just as it differs from the light that illuminates the Divine world. Physical eyes access physical light. Spiritual vision accesses spiritual light. Divine vision accesses divine light. By working with Lumen de Lumine you can receive spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend spiritual light. This, in turn, opens up a boundless, marvelous world in which illumination reigns supreme.

     The degree of development of all beings depends upon the quality and quantity of light they possess. A person's character, intelligence and spiritual elevation are judged according to the quality and quantity of light he/she perceives and manifests. In short, a person is known by the light of his/her life; the more radiant the light emanating from an intelligent being, the more mightily it illumines and gives meaning to life, and the higher the intelligence it brings. As we enter the hereafter, it is our level of light that reveals the kind of life we have lived. If we learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, serve others during our time on earth, we will be enveloped with a beautiful, bright light that contains more joy and blessing than we can imagine. Wherever we look, we will see only boundless light. Within the unceasing, infinite radiance of this unlimited light there are no shadows.

     If you wish to comprehend the light of which we speak, work with Lumen de Lumine. Lumen de Lumine is the light that shines forth, penetrating and enlightening even the most hidden of places. Cultivate humility and work with the light of Lumen de Lumine. The luminous beings will lead you on the path of light, and love, hope and faith will clothe you in the most beautiful of light. Vibrating Lumen de Lumine consistently will make you bright and luminous like the sun. That is why at the end of every Naam Yoga class, Naam Yogis vibrate Lumen de Lumine in order to fill their hearts with light and wrap themselves in a heavenly blanket of light as they put themselves under the protection and grace of heaven. Remember, Divine Spiritual Wisdom is here for all who are ready to open their hearts. Learn and work with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, and you will learn how to free yourself from mental and emotional weaknesses, and thereby develop an illuminated mind, a pure heart and a strong will.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team


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