Mind Medicine Series
Part I - The Power of the Positive Mind
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Dear beloved members of our worldwide community,
When you begin the day with a positive, joyful, peaceful outlook, you maximize the opportunities that come your way and open the door to a full manifestation of your dreams. Ongoing optimism may seem unrealistic, but, once the candle of optimism is lit, it casts away all darkness and draws others toward it. In turn, other candles are lit, until an abundance of light banishes all remnants of pessimism. It is essential, then, to stay positive in your mind and heart. By doing so, you contribute to the creation of a tapestry of light that includes a beautiful future of infinite and limitless abundance. Therefore, gaze at the shadows and believe, with all your heart, that one day the light you carry will dispel the shadows forever and contribute to increased peace and harmony in the world.

There is always hope. Now is the time that we must each follow the wisdom of our own hearts. Take responsibility for your self and your life. Remove yourself from anyone who seeks to bend and control you like a puppet, so that you can find yourself in times and places where your path crosses others in an uplifting way. If your actions are positive, loving, truthful and sincere in intent, then you will encounter positive, bright, strong reactions. Regardless of what is going on in your life, do not give in to the feeling that things are hopeless, and do not hold the belief that those who are optimists are fools. Instead, maintain that anything and everything is possible and that miracles do happen. Remember that the mystery of God is unfathomable, so believe in miracles and know that when you focus on the positive truths, you will lift up the quality of your life. Decide to use your positive will to transform not only your life, but to transform the Earth. If a thousand people employed the positive power of their minds, then the world stands a chance. Think of it this way, you may be the thousand and first person who turns away from the blatant, shadowy darkness that seeks to consume this corrupt world, and seeks instead to heal, teach, guide, or give, thereby tipping the scale that transforms darkness into Light.

Naam creates great positivity and energy, causing the illusion of reality to fade away so the truth can be seen. Live a life of positivity through Naam. Call upon the creative power of the Universe through the repetition of the Naam. Call upon this creative force that lies between the positive and negative realities of life to manifest your highest destiny, for it is this creative force that flows in accordance with the Will of the Divine and is for the good of all. This is the creative juice from which all reality and non-reality find their form. It is the absolute balanced, neutral energy of true Divinity, devoid of limitation. In addition to a regular practice of vibrating Naam, try not to judge or criticize. Rather, give thanks to God and to those people in your life who love and honor you. Raise the light around you, and lift the light of spirit and soul, so that the darkness between us may recede. We must use this magic period well so as to realize our hopes and dreams, holding in our consciousness the truth that all things are possible as long as they flow in accordance with Godís will. This is essential, as our hopes and dreams, our wishes and desires, can only be fully realized when our minds and hearts are aligned as one with God. Equally important is that the positivity of manís optimistic, light-filled soul outweighs the internal darkness of his/her fears and doubts, as well as the darkness of those others that would seek to confine all, including themselves, within the pessimistic, skeptical reality that has become their prison and their nightmare.

With Love, Peace and Light,
The Rootlight Team



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