Mind Medicine Series
Part 3 - Flying Above the Clouds of Life
from Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Dear beloved members of our worldwide community,

Turbulence of any kind in life is a demand for us to rise higher in both thought and word. While flying in the plane of life, sometimes the ride becomes bumpy and turbulent. From time to time we all face challenges that bring friction to our lives. This can manifest as an unhappy relationship, health challenge or dysfunction at work. In order to move past air turbulence, pilots take the plane higher into the atmosphere, and above the fray. We must do the same in life. Via Naam, we must keep climbing higher and higher, rising above the clouds into blue skies of peace and tranquility. From above the clouds of life, the challenges are no longer as frightening. Indeed, through Naam, we feel the peace and healing that comes from understanding our unity with God and gaining dominion over stormy experiences.

The remembrance of God through Naam brings tranquility to the human heart. Challenges are a call for us to spiritualize our thinking until we achieve the mental clarity that enables us to regain our normal state of calm. During the storms we encounter, Naam can provide us with much needed direction. As we open our hearts to Naam and sincerely pray for guidance, we gain the peace that lifts us above all of life’s turbulence. Indeed, each one of God's children is, in reality, in that deep-settled calm of spiritual harmony where God is always present and in absolute control. Naam helps us reconnect with this sense of knowing, for Naam’s guiding and governing ability is all-powerful. Naam enables us to find the right solution, no matter how formidable a situation may appear. Remember, every challenge in life is an invitation, out of necessity, to grow spiritually as we seek and discover eternal truths. Therefore, we must refuse to see anything but God in any challenge. Far from simply ignoring the disturbance that needs healing, our efforts must confront the claims of evil head-on, and to recognize that darkness is not part of anything or anyone that God has created. This leads us to an appropriate, harmonizing resolution.

The circumstances of our life are the result of our own consciousness. The level of the difficulty of our problems shows the level to which we are rooted in negative thought patterns. We must raise our consciousness accordingly. A hopeless problem requires a considerable lift. A small problem requires a slight raise. We have to raise our consciousness above the level of our problem. In other words, we have to raise our frequency above the level where we met our problem. The real problem we have, then, is our level of consciousness. Lifting our consciousness above the level of our reality, then, is the essence of rising above the clouds. We do this by vibrating Naam, reading the scriptures or any spiritual book that appeals to us, and by using positive affirmations. When we raise our consciousness the action of God will do the rest. When we raise our consciousness we raise our entire outlook and being. We start to live a full and glorious life, which is our birthright, for when we are operating from a raised state of consciousness, miracles can happen and life can flow freely, without obstruction. By raising our frequency we allow life to flow smoothly and gracefully.

With Love, Peace and Light,
The Rootlight Team


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