A culmination of all that has gone before, our 2019 Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat, led by Dr. Levry, takes place in the deeply mystical motherland, the cradle of humanity and the birthplace of human existence.

Divine Spiritual Alchemy is a Yearly Tradition

Nothing compares to the majesty and the mystery of Africa.  We will trace the spiritual roots of our royal heritage to their source, discover the mastery of the elements of nature, the pulse, the rhythm, the warmth and the spiritual tradition which is, Divine Spiritual Alchemy in Africa. 

Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime

In Africa we find the wonders of the ancient pyramids, the majesty of nature, the thrall of safari, evidence of the earliest living humans and we can only stand aside and wonder, is this the remains of a dead world or the beginning of things to come.

Our Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat destination for 2019 is South Africa-a land that lends itself beautifully to experiencing the great majesty and wonder of the oldest inhabited continent on Earth!

One Great Adventure-Two Magical Destinations

First we will travel to Sun City Resort, two and a half hours from Johannesburg, and begin our adventure in a magical location bordering the Pilanesberg National Park, known for its diversity of wildlife and exciting safari excursions!  The fun and adventure of Sun City are wonderfully depicted in the movie Blended.

Nature & Beauty at their Best!

The second half of our journey takes us to the picturesque city of Cape Town, the Mother City of South Africa, where ocean vistas, mountain tops, crisp clean air and sunshine flow abundantly in every direction!  Participants will enjoy nature-filled activities and day trips!

at Sun City Resort, South Africa
The Palace of the Lost City is the premier hotel at Sun City Resort. This royal, fairytale-inspired destination stands out majestically from the highest peak of an ancient volcanic crater and is embraced on every side by lush green vegetation.
Best Day of Your Life
Glistening like a jewel beneath the brilliant African sun, this charming, larger than life venue brings to life all that is magical and timeless about the African jungle through the sheer magnitude and marvel of its architecture and its immaculate attention to detail and design.
Traditional Boma Experience
Take in the stars of the motherland during an authentic boma experience, where African communities have come together for hundreds of years to gather in community and joy!
Breathtaking Beautiful
The grand finale of the Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat 2019 takes place in one of Africa's most affluent and breathtakingly beautiful metropolises, Cape Town. Cape Town was appointed the best place in the world to visit by the New York Times in 2014.
Penguins in Africa!
As if the soft white sand or crystal clear water isn't reason enough, most people visit Boulders Beach to see the colony of African penguins that decided to settle here in 1982!
Get Ready to Be Inspired
Over six times older than the Himalayan mountains, Table Top mountain is one of the most striking and prominent features of Cape Town and a "must explore" for Divine Spiritual Alchemists.
The Essence of Divine Spiritual Alchemy
The Divine Spiritual Alchemy Retreat is a place you can come to heal yourself, to work on yourself, to grow spiritually and to send healing energy to your loved ones. DSAR is a time of deep divinity and great light, that will make you bright and brimming with light. The continuous daily Naam vibrated at DSAR by attendees from all over the world, destroys the karmic walls that have kept us separated from God, thereby bringing rhythm, harmony and equilibrium to our body, mind and life. Here, you can experience a week of sacred morning yoga practice, daily non-stop Naam meditation, and enjoy a fresh and healthy diet, as well as various healing activities, including daily lectures with Dr. Levry that reveal the inner secrets of the high science of spirituality taught only at DSAR. This retreat will propel you forward on your journey of evolution so that you may be a beacon of light to everyone you cross on your path and a blessing to the world, a living Sun through which Heaven can shine its rays of hope, strength, power, intelligence and beauty. These seven days are specially designed for a total healing transformation. They will cause you to feel a completely new energy, a new light and delight, so intense it is almost unbearable—you will feel that you may explode with absolute bliss!


Let the Journey Begin
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