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Harmonyum Healing: Advancing Your Practice

taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

May 3 - 6 in New York City | $950 by May 2

Even though we exist in a physical body during our journey on Earth, our identity is defined by an invisible, undying soul. Man is a combination of two opposing natures. As a being with a material body, he/she is corporeal and animal. As an intelligent being, Man is the image and likeness of the Divine. From the Being who is, was, and forever shall be, Man has obtained a spiritual body and indestructible life. That spiritual body, having originated from the Divine essence itself, participates in all the virtues and power of the Creator, albeit to an inferior, more simplistic degree than the infinity of the origin of said virtues and powers. In other words, having been born from the bosom of all powerfulness, perfection, and infinite intelligence, man too is powerful, perfect, and intelligent. Those who, through their own action as spiritual beings, work and act voluntarily in unity with the Creator and in accordance with the full extent of the faculties they have received can be called powerful, perfect, and intelligent. The spiritual being, then, remains perfect until such time that he ceases to act in unity with the Creator and in accordance with His laws, for at such time the spiritual being is in opposition with the unchanging laws which constitute it.

We are fundamentally spiritual in nature, and it is our spiritual body that is the key to permanent healing. Indeed, the highest form of medical treatment is preventative medicine, which works with the spiritual body in order to take care of the physical body, thereby preserving perfect health in our lives. In the secret of manifesting healing and maintaining optimal health, it is vital to know how to work with Man's spiritual body and its autonomous nervous system, that vital bridge between our spiritual and physical bodies. Harmonyum restores the spiritual body to its normal and rightful function. Once this is established, the autonomous nervous system begins to vibrate with vital energy and Divine Intelligence. The impact of these healthy vibrations is passed to every cell of the physical body. When the vital powers, or Divine cosmic powers, within the human body are functioning to the proper extent optimal health is restored.

By absolving yourself in the healing light of Harmonyum, the platform is created for your past karmic mistakes to be washed clean from your hands, so that you may experience healing, and peace and harmony may be restored in your body and mind. Harmonyum Healing removes everything that may be holding you back from experiencing your highest potential, which is infinite. It destroys all unhealthy energies and vibrations. Above all, it awakens in you those forces through which the negative karmic ties from the past can be eradicated in order to enter into a life of freedom.

This advanced course will, for the first time, reveal the next evolution in the Harmonyum Healing technique. It will provide you with a central understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the spiritual body, along with the intricacies of their operation. You will learn to become versed in the creation of Universal Kabbalah incarnation charts and esoteric symbology, along with the various applications of seed sounds and words of power to deal with astral disturbances and/or traumas of the astral body that manifest as irrational fears, whose origins are rooted in the incarnations of the transcendental past. You will be exposed to astro-magnetic medicine and learn how to reinforce the spiritual body with advanced Kabbalistic tools that restore lost equilibrium. A part of the course will be devoted to more in-depth methods of working with all the seven planetary bodies, so as to gather information regarding the focal point of health challenges and define a thorough divine-astral definition of any subject. The seventh planetary body will be revealed. In addition, you will be taught how to create and nurture a successful Harmonyum Healing practice so that you may rise as the Physician of the Soul at the dawn of the Golden Age.

Let Your Light be the Way! Join us for this first of its kind event designed to help you take Harmonyum to the next level! This training will open your heart widely, filling you with Divine warmth and enlivening the love within you, so that you may experience its endless, healing joy.

Dates: May 3 - 6, 2012

Prerequisites: For students that have completed Harmonyum I, II & III.

Registration Price: $950 by May 2nd; $1,150 day of.

Location: 1295 Madison Avenue (between 92nd & 93rd), New York, NY 10128 
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To register by phone or to pay with American Express, please call (646) 291-6174.



Please bring any form of ID and emailed receipt with you to the event.
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