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2012 and Beyond - Part IV: I Am that I Am

The mystery of the pentagrammaton or five letter Name.

The work in the coming paragraphs should not be read lightly. It should be studied and worked with. The unraveling of various secrets requires a certain amount of Divine, spiritual, and physical knowledge. If you have trouble understanding any aspect of this sacred wisdom, do not dismiss it, simply put it aside for later study, or move for example in this case to the next paragraph. Eventually it will become clear.

Working with "Lumen de Lumine", "I Am, I Am" or "Ieschoua" will bring the beneficial energy of the Star of Great Light in our life. Working with these sacred words of power will cause that soul fire of mystery to transmute your mental and physical consciousness and bring you into closer and more perfect union with the Godhead, for into that Oneness and perfection in God, out of his own image, you are created and destined. Now let's delve a little deeper into why working with the "I Am, I Am" or the "Ieschoua" energy found on the Sounds of the Ether CD, is particularly relevant to the time ahead. All of humanity operates upon the basic formula of creation, Yod Heh Vav Heh, meaning, fire, water, air, and earth. Yod Heh Vav Heh refers not simply to the Jehovah of the old testament, but also to the basic forces in action of the Ain Soph, the Infinite. This is the pathway, or method of evolution, by which average men slowly progress from human to divine. The elect of light, however, take another path, which is represented by the formula, Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh. The pentagram, symbolic of Ieschoua, is formed by the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters signifying material creation, interjected by the holy letter, Shin. The holy letter Shin is a symbol of the Holy Spirit known as Ruach Elohim. This name Yod Heh Shin Vav Heh or the spelling IHShVH which is the spiritual spelling of the name, Yeheshuah, or Jesus, gives the formula by which the agent of light performs the great work of spiritual fusion. Fusion, reconciliation, and union are the keys to countering the effects of the Fall of Man so that we may experience reintegration. Now Yod He Vav He represent Adam Kadmon, man in his integral synthesis, representing a fruitful union of the Universal Spirit and the Universal Soul. To divide that word is to suggest a disintegration of its unity. The letter Shin, Arcanum 21 or 0 in the Tarot, reunites the two fragments, representing the generative and subtle fire, the vehicle for non-differentiated life.

Moreover, it signifies the Universal Plastic Mediator whose charge is to bring about incarnations that allow the spirit to descend into matter. The letter Shin, then, in its role as a sort of hyphen between the other parts of the mutilated tetragram, becomes a symbol of both fragmentation and fixation. Finally, Shin also begets the quinary, or number of destruction, when added to the verbal quaternary in the way we have just said. In this respect, Shin is the Word, or Logos, the Yod He Vav He that incarnates and becomes the suffering Christ, or corporeal man, until such time when he enters into his glory assuring his regenerated human nature.

In other words, Shin is given the attribution of fire, and by another mathematical process, it becomes the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Tradition sponsors the insertion of this letter into the the middle of the four-letter Name, splitting it apart, thus forming Yod He Shin Vav He, the pentagrammaton or five - letter name. This combination of letters represents the illumination of the elemental or present man by the descent and impact of the holy spirit. As thus formed the name represents the God-Man, symbolized in Christianity by the Christ descending on the man Jesus. The Chief of all agents of light, The Christ, was the combination of all the specialized perfections of the divine agents, of the ancient alliance, into one. He bestowed the touch of perfect unity that opened a new door and destroyed the number of the slavery of humanity. This Chief Agent of all, this savior of the world and universal regenerator, turned man's attention to the primitive truth that allows him to preserve his existence and recover his former dignity. In the condition of his degradation, he laid the foundation of human redemption. Jesus, in this symbolism, represents the natural man who, by devotion and meditation and the theurgic process, opened his human nature to the brilliant descent of the light. It is the enlightenment that all men are destined to enjoy at some far distant time in human evolution. it is this that separates animal man from the God-man, the goal of all mysticism. All mystical techniques, including those of the Kabbalah, represent a method of hastening the slow tedious process of human evolution so that the states of consciousness that we are told will ultimately occur routinely in mankind may dawn today. 

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