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2012 and Beyond - Part III: The Star of Great Light

The significance of the October 1st, 2004 Pentagram in the sky.

At different points in human history, the Heavens have undertaken the task of re-positioning themselves in order to awaken human beings from their evolutionary stupor and bring them closer to God. At these times of transition, the universal karmic clock sounds the alarm indicating that all is not right with the world. The last four times this occurred, civilization did not heed the alarm. As a consequence, these civilizations were destroyed. Presently, we have arrived at the moment in history when the fifth change is taking place. On October 1st, 2004, a planetary alignment of major significance occurred in the heavens. The Sun, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon all converged to form the shape of a 5-pointed star, known in esoteric circles as the pentagram. The pentagram, or five-pointed star is one such symbol of immense power used by Kabbalists. The great Kabbalist Eliphas Levi called the pentagram the symbol of total power of the mind. Moreover, he stated, the pentagram expresses the mind domination over the elements. It is the star of the Magi, the burning star of the Gnostic schools. All symbols of the gnosis, all figures of spirituality, all Kabbalistic keys of prophecy are resumed in the sign of the pentagram. It is the sign of absolute and universal synthesis. If you stand upright with outstretched arms, you will take the classic form of the pentagram as portrayed by Leonardo Da Vinci's painting, "Vitruvian Man". In this instance, the top point signifies the head, the intelligence that governs the rest of the body expressed as arms and legs by the four lower points. Whether you view the planetary configuration as a star or a human form, the overall symbolism of the pentagram illustrates that a Higher Consciousness reigns over the world of matter. The pentagram represents a reaching toward the Higher Self or the beginning of the Great Work. We are now entering the predicted time, which will bring with it the cleansing of all karma and global enlightenment.

In accordance with the global shift in consciousness that is currently taking place, the Heavens are drawing a pentagram in such a way that they are rendering themselves neutral. This means that we, as human beings, will not be under their protection again until the year 2012. Normally, the Heavens and Earth control karma but when the Heavens are neutral, the capacity for tremendous spiritual growth will become available. Therefore, until the year 2012, you have the opportunity to open your heart, so as to re-write your destiny for positive, divine, and spiritual purposes. Now is the time when the Heavens are bestowing the opportunity for personal resurrection. In other words, up until the year 2012 you will be able to cleanse your karma and get rid of all your darkness. This time will create drastic change in everyone's life. And change creates great fear and anxiety. We are fast approaching the time when the veil of illusion that cloaks the world will be lifted. As it is lifted, the realm of light, wisdom, and love will be revealed. Indeed, a new universe is presently birthing, bringing with it a high vibrational energy not only to earth, but to every particle of existence, every parallel universe, and every life form in this realm and others. The faculty of animal man is being progressively removed so that man can appear in his original purity. Everywhere we see evidence of the battle between light and darkness, between the head and the heart, as animal man struggles against the coming of the spiritual man. This is causing a separateness and dispersal of consciousness that has never before existed on earth. As a result, people are experiencing the mental, emotional, and/or physical stress that can affect relationships with friends, loved ones, and oneself.

The world is beginning to change back to its primordial state of spirituality, and the flaming sword is removing itself from its place between man and the Tree of Life. The Truth of Life will descend from the world of Eternal Light to illuminate the minds, regenerate the hearts, and renew the souls of the sons and daughters of the light who are destined to constitute the nucleus of a new humanity. Indeed, those who harmonize with the rhythm of the coming Age of Aquarius will form the seedbed from which a new global culture and consciousness develops. The WORD of the living God is beginning to be heard, and it will transform everything. Therefore, for us to feel comfortable, the immortal principal within must expand and absorb the corruptible principle without so that the envelope of the senses may be lifted, for us to appear in our pristine purity. This process is achieved through a true opening of the heart, via the mantric way, and the development of the internal organ that allows us to receive God. Upon completion of the process whereby we open our hearts and develop our internal spiritual organ, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle comes to rule over the terrestrial principle and human beings, filled with the light of heaven, begin to experience the grace and joy from above.

The pentagram represents a balance of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and ether. The top point of the star, Spirit, presides over the four lower points, and stands for the soul personality referred to as the Quintessence, or fifth element. Each alchemical element encompasses a phase of our being. Earth symbolizes the body, physical and non-physical. Water symbolizes consciousness of the objective and the subjective. Fire symbolizes our higher and lower emotions. Air symbolizes the material and transcendent intellect. Taken as a whole, then, the pentagram represents mastery of the soul essence over the four elements of man's being through the trials of life. Together, the four lower points of the pentagram represent the essence of the human, earthly experience, as well as how the various circumstances of life must be felt, understood, and ultimately transcended in order for each of us to attain a grounded realization of the divine genius that exists within. The presence of the October 1st pentagram indicates that the time has come when we can no longer deny the internal presence of God in us through the breath of life and our psyches. Of further interest and significance is the fact that the archetypes associated with each of the planets constituting the October 1st pentagram serve to reaffirm the spiritual meaning of the 5-pointed star that we will explore in this next section of our discussion.

The pentagram or Star of Great Light, contains the totality of the Christic mysteries. It would be impossible to convey the true Christic Mysteries to mankind in our present state. In truth, God and Nature do not seek to present their children with mysteries. Such mysteries are the result of our own weaknesses. Our natures are not, as yet, able to support and bear the chaste light of unveiled truth. Therefore, a cloud or veil, has been placed before the higher world. To be sure, it is a cloud of divine mercy, for in our depleted state of being the pure light of the higher world would harm us. The mystery is unveiled when we achieve mastery. Indeed, where there is mastery, mystery no longer exists.  If everyone could bear the look of truth, and the number of good, heart-centered people were greater, then more secrets could be revealed because we would not have to worry about misuse. The fact is those who search with an honest, open heart need only read but one word, one sentence of this sacred wisdom, in order to feel at home and join in these teachings of the heart, these heavenly teachings.
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