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2012 and Beyond - Part II: Decoding the Signs

Seeing both sides of the truth.

When you open your eyes fully, you can plainly see that the world is in a state of chaos. Many nations are ravaged by war and disease. Natural catastrophes and weather irregularities are making headlines. Many people are living in states of pain, confusion and poor health. We are inundated with technologies that speed up the pace of our lives to unnatural levels. Indeed, we have come to regard the Internet as indispensable to our professional and personal lives. Interestingly, www, the prefix to all websites, is the equivalent of 666 otherwise known as the number of the beast. When 666 is reduced we arrive at 18, the number of the tarot card the Moon. Eighteen represents a materialism that strives to destroy the spiritual side of nature, a materialism that uses divisive and/or deceptive tactics to gain position and/or wealth. Eighteen also warns of treachery and deception from known and unknown persons, friends and enemies. In the extreme, the number 18 is also associated with wars, social upheaval and revolution. Under the energies of 18, everything conspires to destroy the native. Hostile spirits, represented by the wolf, are laying traps, while servile spirits, represented by the dog, hide their treason behind a mask of flattery, and idle spirits, represented by the crab, gaze upon the ruin of the native without concern. What's worse; the native is often ignorant of such conspiracies. Therefore, one must be on guard. He must watch, listen and act accordingly.

Conversely, in the Jewish tradition, 18 is regarded as a positive number that brings blessings. It is derived from the word CHAI, which means Life. The word Chai is made from Chet and Yod, and together they make 18. Our science of spiritual numerology also reveals that the name of Christ, which stands for truth and light, adds up to 18 as well. This further demonstrates the positive aspect of this number. Moreover, the Bij mantra Sat Nam, which means "Truth is my identity, reduces to 18. Therefore, with the advent of the Internet nothing can remain hidden. All truth shall come into the light. There is no way around it. The Internet, then, plays two roles, that of the beast and that of the angel. Therefore, depending on the ways in which you choose to use it, you will either develop the beast in you or strengthen your angelic side.

As we further explore the energies of the number 18, we see that it can be reduced to 9. Nine is the number of Mars. The energy of Mars rules over construction as well as destruction. It also rules the energy of sex. Once again, when we look clearly and neutrally at the occurrences on our planet, we can see that both the mass media and the Internet are currently riddled with subtle and overt images/messages of violence and sexuality. Indeed, the prevalence of sexuality and violence in the content of traditional and non-traditional media outlets depicts the unbalanced energy of Mars at work. The pendulum has swung to the extreme and these forces, long held in check by social custom, ethics, modesty, cultural law, physiological ignorance, and ecclesiastical restriction, are rapidly being released on the global scene.

The open nature of the Internet has made it fertile ground for many avenues of expression. However, this has also made it a playground for depravity and sexual deviance providing a haven for those who traffic in darkness and prey on the unsuspecting. These unchecked, rampant forces can represent a serious danger for children, and for people who turn to the Internet to unknowingly fill the void of emptiness in their hearts and souls. Some places on the Internet have even become the invisible bar or nightclub, the place where one can go unseen and unregulated, to fulfill the low animal desires, the beast in humankind.

Burying oneself in endless surfing on the Internet or spending hours in other on-line activities, can remove one from the healthy, positive, life affirming relationships with others and one's self. Rather than experiencing the joy and sorrows of life in real time, people have retreated into the shadows. Such loss, such emptiness, builds on itself. One can soon find themselves completely isolated from the heart essence of life. For some individuals, the Internet has become a substitute for human interaction and connection. And for others, such use has become an addiction, a destructive tool to escape the realm of the heart where personal issues are resolved and love flows forth. This addiction is no different from others in that it becomes a slippery slope that leads the addict down a path of pain and destruction. Children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the Internet with its wealth of knowledge, games and activities at their fingertips. In some cases they stumble onto violent and sexually explicit sites that shape their tender minds in negative ways, and in the worst-case scenario, are drawn into harm's way. It is imperative that we nurture our children by providing them with activities that strengthen their character, intellect, emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. These precious hearts and minds will be our spiritual, community and political leaders as well as our hope for tomorrow.

Until the end of 2012, these unimpeded and dangerous forces will provide ample evidence of Nature's powerful forces and elements of destruction. Do not despair, however, for in due time these energies will give way to their more balanced aspect and, with it, a more peaceful and healing way of life will be initiated.

To reiterate, the Internet is ruled by the Moon archetype and the planet Mars. Not only does the Internet have its dark side as discussed above, the Internet also has the immense capacity to positively serve humanity in several ways through our conscious use. Just as it is a powerful tool used to promote messages/images of sexuality and violence, it can also be an equally, if not a more powerful tool, when used to promote messages/images of truth, justice and peace. We can counteract the dangerous misuse of the Internet by using it to universally disseminate uplifting information to the masses. Indeed, when the gentle message of Love is backed by the energy of Mars, it is extremely powerful. Such messages can open a multitude of doors and overcome many obstacles. Therefore it must be stressed that when used consciously, the Internet can become an integral tool for spreading the message of Love, Peace and Light throughout the planet, thereby uplifting humanity.
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