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2012 and Beyond - Part V: The Mystical Meaning of the Number Five

The number of the Fall, the will and the instrument of our reintegration.

As this is the fifth occurrence of heavenly re-positioning, the number five is significant now. The five-pointed star stands for the number five, also called the Pentad. Known as the living principle, the number five indicates the action of the active principle on form. Five symbolizes human suffering and transformation, the turning point in human destiny. This number represents the divine spirit, fundamental to all beings, that is crucified on the cross of matter, which contains the four elements of air, fire, water and earth. Despite our connection to the senses, man must employ free will in order to bolster self-discipline, redirect energies toward the divine, and work toward perfect consciousness. The number five, the number of the pentagram, conceals the most profound arcana. Again, five is the number of the Fall, as well as the number of the will, our instrument of reintegration. Initiates recognize that the substitution of five for four is only transitorily disastrous and that the fallen human sub-multiple, by wallowing in the mire of matter, learns how to attain a truly free personality and become more fully aware of higher planes. Therefore, he rises from his fall, again and again, stronger and greater, because evil only replaces good temporarily, and with the explicit purpose of betterment.

Let's explore further the meaning of number five. Mercury, the planet of communication, governs the number five and represents change, fast living, and tremendous mental and nervous stress. It is associated with physical comfort as well as discomfort. Mercury's influence will be felt in the coming years. As all forms of communication are enhanced, the world will become smaller. Everybody will have access to all knowledge and information. Indeed, the advent of the internet means that with a push of a button you can get any information you want. It is this increase in all manner of communication, including writing, editing, journalism, television, radio, telegraph, cable lines, telephone, advertising, public speaking, education, and the internet, that will make people feel as if they have been both stripped naked and overloaded with information. As people are overloaded with information and that which was hidden becomes known, a new type of nervous system disease will arrive on the human scene. This disease will make people go mad. (Please refer to "The Divine Doctor" for a thorough understanding of how to heal the nervous system.) Depression rates, especially among children and young adults, will rise and families will be thrust into turmoil as they struggle to raise their children. These circumstances will force people to change their mindset and behavior whether they like it or not. We will come to see that now, more than ever, the human mind needs spiritual help and guidance. As the boundaries that guard information are torn down, the internal structures of societies and the relationships between societies will be affected. Drastic changes in travel via many forms of transportation will occur, while the importation and exportation of goods and services will increase. The financial world will experience changes as stocks and bonds fluctuate wildly. Corporations, high schools, and universities will undergo internal restructuring. Revolutionary ideas and practices will influence the study and research of disease. In addition, cultural norms will shift. In particular, our current obsession with money and sex will lose its grip. Rather than finding fulfillment through money and sex, people will look for fulfillment of the self through purity, spirituality, and truth. Continue to Part VI: The Venus Pentagram


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